Loss of power,backfiring,rich code

My car started to have fuel problems after i installed my one piece DC sport headers, i changed the cat,spark plugs,wires,distributor,cleaned the throttle body and iac motor,changed coolant temp sensor for ECU and nothing had helped, the new headers switched the O2 sensor position from reading from one cylinder to all 4...could this be the problem? i also changed the 02 and i have no idea what it could be! Specs are 95 Civic Dx, 1.5L non vtec


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Do you have a check engine light on?


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My first thought is a fouled cylinder.. my second is primary O2 sensor..

you are throwing a rich code which is normally an indication of a bad O2.
I changed the o2 sensor and yes im getting a rich code....the o2 position changed from one cylinder to all 4 idk if that wuld thro it off