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Hello civic gurus! I recently bought myself a 1996 Honda civic hx coupe 5-speed. Ran and drove just fine until yesterday, I started my car no issue let it warm up as I am in northern wi and our mornings are very cold. So on my way to town my battery light turned on and so I pulled into the next gas station shut my car off and turn it back on. The light went Way so I went to drive. The light turned back on about. A half mile down the road while decelerating to a stop light. When I went to go my car shuttered a bit but went and gave me no problems and my light even turned off. Then I left go of the gas and the light turned on. So now everytime I accelerate my.light turns off and my car runs and drive fine. If I let off the gas it starts to die. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my car? Is it just the spark plugs and wires? Or something more serious.


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I would take a look at your battery/alternator. I've had some weird issues pop up there...check tension on the alternator, get that battery tested. I would put five on the alternator though. They suck to get out, be careful of your knock sensor.


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Sounds like your alternator is taking a s**t, rather the voltage regulator is taking a s**t. 6th gen alternators are super easy jobs, can be done in less than an hour.