Main Bearing Replacement Y7


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Hello all ..I am soon going to be replacing my main bearings in my 99 LX ..and was wondering what tool everyone used to get the top bearings out with the crank still in the engine? I was planning on just dropping the oil pan ..the girdle and matching the bearings one at a time. I also know about the color codes and was wondering if by using the vin if I could possibly find them that way ..or hopefully see the code on the actual bearing after removal..any help is greatly appreciated..thank you .


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Usually you can use the old bearing to spin the top bearing out. You can only force it out one way as there is a "tab ear" used for alignment.

Depending on the bearing wear you may need to have the crankshaft micro polished and this WILL require a thicker bearing. Thus requiring you to at MINIMUM perform clearance test with plastigauge. Do that upside down is very difficult.

Probobly best if oyu pull the motor and mount on an engine stand to complete this job. It is not impossible to do on jack stands, just will take a lot more effort in tighter conditions.