max speed 80km/h??


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Hello folks,

I recently bought a 1992 Civic from my parent's friend. She is a old lady and have the civic for the last 20 years and only drove it for 60,000km. Yes, I am serious, 60K!!

The car has regular oil changes, and nothing else. The last oil change was in 2008 when the car was at 50K.

I heard from my folks that she never drives it on highway or at night.

When I got the car, I changed the engine oil, but the car seems very slow and not going anywhere. It wasn't very fuel efficient (40L for 320km), and the max speed was at 80km/h on highway.

What should I do to have this engine to perform like a normal V-Tech Engine?


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^this. The last oil change was in 08 and its only been driven 10k km's in 3 years... this means that its been sitting around a lot. It probably has oldish gas, the injectors are probably slightly fouled up along with the spark plugs. do a full tune up and when its time for your next oil change give it a seafoam treatment