Modding my first car - Which Civic should I get?


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Hey everyone.
I joined the forum today because I would like to mod my first car, and I am leaning heavily towards modding a Civic. I have always driven a Civic but never got into modding one. I was wondering if I could get everyone's opinions.
Which generation is the best to mod, where is the best place to get parts and after-market parts, and anything you all wish you did or didn't do.
I heard that the Civic 1992-2000 was a good year to go for.
Thanks crew,
*Also, which model do you guys recommend. Because there are way more Civic models than I remember hahah.
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88-91 is also a great chassis to work with, but parts for those are becoming tough to find.
92-00 is IMO, the last two great generations of easy and fun to mod Civics'.

Figure out what your budget is and what you want to look for, sedan, coupe or hatch, then that will help you figure out which trim you'd like to start with.