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Do i need new or modified engine mounts for swaping a 97 GSR B18C1 into a 95 Civic EX SOHC Vtec. I dropped the engine in but it seems to high. Also where could i get a cheap ECU for the B18C1 Engine. Any answers or information would be nice.


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no you should be using all of the gsr's engine mounts, except for one, which you use your stock mount. which one it is escapes me at the moment, but basically the only mount that doesnt bolt up is the one you use the civic's for. have you done the wiring yet? because your engine is obd2 and your car is obd1, there are some wires that need to be run. or you can just get a wiring harness for this, i believe place racing and a few other online stores sells them. you have 2 choices with the ecu, either try to find a correct gsr ecu, or have someone chip your stock ecu to correctly run the b18c. i have no experience with chippers, so i cannot comment on who would do the best job. look around the classifieds of places like h-t or csi to find the ecu, or go to and search for a b18c ecu or chipped p28 (your stock ecu) .