moving cruise control buttons

im getting an after market sterring wheel soon but on my stock one i have the cruise control buttons on it. i wanna keep my cruise control because i drive far a lot so my question is where can i put the stock buttons? has anyone done this? any tips pictures of peoples set up would be awesome.


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have you already got the wheel? I have an aftermarket wheel(brand new) that has two buttons I had planned to use as CC, but I don't want it anymore because i can't stand how small aftermarket wheels are. hit me up if you want it.

as for your question, there are lots of different placements of the CC in your car. your going to have to sacrifice convenience though, depending on how much modification you want to do that is.

there are a lot of people that move it to the center console and remove one of the plugs and put a momentary on/off/on switch in place of it.

you could also move it to the empty slot next to your power mirror/sunroof control buttons.(typically where the fog button went) In general people place it where factory options would have been.

there are a few different ways you can wire this up. you could use two momentary push buttons, or you could wire it all to one switch that has two poles and a off in the center. its all up to you and your preference. personally i would just wire it up to one switch.

this switch would do everything in one:

i already have this one haha its almost the same size as an actual steering wheel thats why i love it. but alright thanks for the help ill looking into those setups