Muffled knock


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First off I am a retired line mechanic and mainly worked on all brands of cars
I have a 2005 civic 210k mileage zero problems and would like to give it to my daughter
Recently I have noticed a knock noise @ 1000 to 1400 rpm power braking I am old school and do the screw driver in the ear . not hearing any noises from the value cover area nothing from the bottom end finally I happen to listen to the #1 intake runner on the intake manifold and there's the noise . question for you guys being you are mostly only working on one brand of car u will probably know . is there a baffle inside this plastic manifold or something came loose and bouncing around inside #1intake runner . I should add I adjusted the values and increase the oil viscosity it has to be warmed up to start making noise . I also want to thank you in advance for your opinion on what might be going on I don't want to start throwing parts at it without doing some homework thanks guys