Multiple codes and attempted diagnostics


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Hi. So I have a 1997 civic dx hatch. The backstory to how I realised the problem is what I'll start off with. So I went to go and meet my family for lunch, which is a 20 minute drive. Well I got there early so after sitting in the car for 15 min I decided I was gonna go drive around and come back. Well then after turning on the car my check engine light was on and I was receiving almost no power at WOT. Also my speedometer would just bounce all over the place. So I got my codes read and came up with P0135, P0501, P1298, P0141.

P0135- HO2S-11 (Bank1 Sensor1) heater circuit malfunction
P0501- Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit Performance
P1298- Electrical Loaf Detector Circuit High input
P0141- HO2S-12 (Bank1 Sensor2) heater circuit malfunction.

I have replaced my VSS and the Bank1 Sensor1 circuit. I currently don't have the money for the Bank1 sensor2 o2 sensor. And the speedometer still bounces all over the place after replacing the VSS.
So my question is where do I go next? Do i voltage drop the circuits?
Do I check resistance?
Or what should I do?

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