my 93 sedan slow build


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i bought this car a little over a year ago for $500. it had a blown head gasket and 93,xxx miles. The car came just the speakers in the door. 1 didnt work and the other was blown. i added speakers to the rear deck and replaced the ones in the front door. and that was it for problems.

this car is also my daily driver and i have a s*** load of parts waiting in my closet to be installed but cause of work and family i have little time. i work $50+ hours a week and have 4 kids.

Mods that have been done:
Pioneer DEH-P59OOIB radio
Added Sony Xplod XS-GT1626 speakers to the rear deck
Sony Xplod XS-GT1626 speakers in the front doors
Hella 9003/HB2 Blue Xenon Bulbs
Chrome window moldings
Auto Ventshade window visors
Stainless steel pedals.
Speedometer with tach
APC clear corner lamps
Rockford Fosgate Punch amp ( 700 watts rms 1,200 watts max )
Single 12" Sony Xplod woofers 11000watts max. ( blew my 12" Hifonics )
Ford Ranger shift knob

Parts waiting in the closet.
Full set up to do y8 vetch head swap.
Short ram intake
pvc breather.
4-2-1 headers and full exhaust

I will be posting more pictures as i take them. im starting to find more and more time work on the car as i get used to my work scheduel. ( i been outside as late as 4:00am after work to do little things )

All opnions accepted


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Ford ranger shift knob (yes the passanger floor is dirty. I basically live in my car)

Black housing headlights with clear corners ( still need adjustment )

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