My EG still keeps farting after replacing the IAC valve..


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Hi guys, I got a 95 Civic LX with ZC1 D16A6/D16Z2 in it, I noticed it keeps farting, so then I replaced the IAC valve & cleaned throttle body & replaced throttle body gasket, but still couldn't solve the issue, does anyone have any other ideas on what the solution may be?

please see video below for the issue I have, and thanks for reading my thread!



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Clearly a vacuum leak is causing the RPM it idle erratically. If you replaced the IACV with a good known unit and completed all the tasks as mentioned without error then fill up a bottle with soapy water and start spraying around anything that can cause a vacuum leak. This includes spraying around your injectors to ensure no leaks as the injector o rings.

Check all around the intake manifold and ALL vacuum lines. This is a tedious task but you will find the issue.