need answers before i do my oil change asap!


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well the ramps are out on the driveway and the cars lined up but i was thinking of seafoaming thru the oil cap before changing my oil since im in need of an oil change anyways.

but before i try seafoam, how risky is it compared to thru the brake booster line? i know thru the brake booster line, its supposed to clean the carbon built up in the cylinders and stuff but what about thru the oil cap? my cars got 168.8k miles and i dont wanna take a risk like thru the bb line. what does seafoam do anyways thru the oil cap? just break down clobs of oil built up in the head?

and the thing i was worried about with seafoaming thru the brake booster line was that since my car has so much mileage, im afraid any carbon cleaned up will actually cause leaking in the block and that would be a no no since i have no money for repairs or a motor.

need input asap!


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honestly... i have 212k on my car and seafoamed bb line, and the crankcase (oil) and it worked great, really smooth but its up to you...

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