Need driver headlight for 89 civic hatchback


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Hey Everyone - I need to replace the driver side headlight assembly for my 89 civic hatchback. No luck at salvage yards. Searched around and found a new one for a 90-91 model civic. Does anyone know if this would fit in an 89? It looks like its the same generation. If not, anyone know where I might find one? Thanks!


Mr. Search
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88-91 headlights are the same, it's the black mounting bracket that you need to swap out.
So use the 90-91 headlight, but put on your '89 mounting bracket.

M Perrenoud

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Mr. Baker is right on.
Take ya about 15mins to do the swap. 88 and 89 parts are getting harder to find.
Tell us how it turns out and post pix of your hatch!!
Here's one of mine 30731