new camera.. need advice


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My mom just got a new camera so she gave me this one, its an olympus c-5000

Just having problems with ^ those obviously..


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or the camera lens is too close to the flower causing the "macro" feature to focus on the background and not the flower .make sure your zoomed all the way out, put on macro and try to ge as close to the flower as you can while keeping it in focus. dont worry about the background or anything else that you dont wanty to get in focuz in the picture.

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yea dont zoom in at all and go as close as u can do that flower without it turning into s**t like that lol.....


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sometimes there a setting for pics for 26 inchs or so, usually a picture of a flower on the camera.

the circled one, thenread the book on the settings.


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5.0 megapixel CCD
3x optical/12x total seamless zoom
Optics designed for digital photography
Can add on lenses (wide angle and telephoto) and filters
External hot shoe for more flash options
New compact design is almost 20% smaller than C-4000 Zoom
Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and full Manual control
6 Preset Creative Scene modes
Customizable "My Mode" setting
Super Macro focus (1")
Built-in flash with 7 different flash modes to choose from: Auto for low and backlight; Red-eye reduction; Fill-in (Forced on); Slow Shutter Synchronized (first curtain); Slow Shutter Synchronized (first curtain with red-eye reduction); Slow Shutter Synchronized (second curtain; Off (built-in or external)
Record over 2 minutes of video in QuickTime® Movie mode
1.8" LCD screen
Auto-Connect USB
Exclusive TruePicTM technology creates truer color, contrast and gradation for enhanced image quality
Noise Reduction
32MB xD-Picture Card included (C-5000 Zoom compatible up to 512MB)
Included rechargeable Li-10B Li-Ion battery and charger
Included RM-2 Wireless Remote Control
looks like you just need to activate your super macro

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