New guy with transmission question

My brother has a 97 civic 2 door 4 cylinder 5 speed trans. I think the trans blew up inside because when you put it into 1st or 2nd gear it is like the gears are binding up and it won't even roll with the clutch pushed in.
I can get a 2000 model civic that was rolled with good motor and trans for $500 and the trans was replaced only 6 months ago. How can I verify if the trans from the 2000 model will work in the 1997?
Thanks in advance for any help


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So with the car on and the clutch pushed in, you can put the car into gear? It just won't go? What happens? Does the car stall because the RPM's just drop from trying to go but not being able to move? Can you pop start it and drive that way?

Here's a link to transmissions:

This is also a good read:


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i wouldn't go spend some money yet is there any clutch pedal ? could be the slave or master went out rather cheaper than a new tranny
With the car running I can get it into different gears but it doesn't feel like it is going into them as smooth as it should. The clutch feels fine and seems to be working fine. With it in 1st and second and letting out on the clutch the car tries to move but it is like it is in a bind and then something pops, barely rolls and then gets in a bind again. First and second both do this but third gear feels fine. I loaded it on a trailer by using third and slipping the clutch. Even in reverse it tries to bind up, but with it in neutral it can roll fine either way. I have no experience with Honda vehicles, but a lot with domestics. I just don't want to start tearing into stuff without asking some questions first.
I appreciate the links and any other info that might help.

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