new here :D

Never thought my first car would be a honda honestly, but I bought a 95 civic coupe.
One question-HOW could the wiring in my car be so bad that; no blinkers work, my hazard button turns on/off radio with no fuse in. And with the fuse in it acts as the key is turned to acc. :evil: but besides that it runs great and will post pics soon.=)
Hendo: ya deff a tard. The wiring deff looks messed up. Just curious how much it would cost to get it back stock. Any ideas?

DJ I paid too much I think. It was 3500 with 119k miles. I mean besides the wiring everything is in good shape.


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My first car was an 87 Pontiac Sunbird with the same issues, but they were cause by a bad battery.

My battery was so old is reversed polarity and s**t the bed on all my wiring, I spent 5 days rewiring my car at 16 years old. Only good thing is that i haven't had an electrical issue I couldn't fix ever again lol

My mom was the previous owner so i know it wasn't an idiot kid

I do hope you get it fixed my good man


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Drove a purple 94 escort when I used to do land surveying (company car). One time I hit the horn and I s*** you not, the trunk popped open. Shortly thereafter there was a sizzling sound from the steering column and the turn signals wouldn't work any more lol
That's a mod I've been thinking of doing... just haven't had the time yet. Also, when you engage the left blinker the washer nozzles spray, and the right blinker is for the wipers. :lol:

Welcome monkey. Sounds like your first purchase will be a haynes or chilton repair manual. Doesn't sound that bad, but it could end up being a nice little headache depending on how retarded the previous owner really was.
Sooooo... it could be battery related? Even though they are completely different cars lol. Thanks all.
Anyone know the best way to go at this wiring chaos?
I'm liking this forum :D

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