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wasup guys! new here but not to honda's . i drive a 94 civic coupe ex bought it bone stock in 09. its gone through a couple of changed since then....sadly spun a rod bearing ( i think) last friday:(. some quick pics



slammed it

and now

vitara build coming soon, shooting for 350+whp


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You go through wheels like I go through socks. But the ride looks clean. Welcome to the site man!

thanks lol yea. im going to keep the rpf1's for a while tho.
ive "refurbished" a couple of the rims myself.




and another pair lol
thanks the blades were a b***h, they had left over black paint and primer underneath, id say it was about 6hr+ each , but i sold to help pay for my s300:(/=)
ill be making a build thread soon but i have to do h.w. and study first lol
welcome to the site, ill be tuned in on your new thread once you start it, great choices with the wheels looks mint. as for slamming it high five :D Hella Flush is the way to go

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