New Milano Red em1 owner

What's up guys, I recently purchased a 2000 si in red. I just joined this forum so that I can of course ask a bunch of questions and hopefully you guys can help me out. I'll try to post pics as soon as possible. Here is some general info on the car:

2000 Si (milano red)
Tach reads 147xxx and still counting

Current mods:
- Custom intake
- Megan headers


Unknown coilovers:
I haven't gotten around to lifting up the car but from what I can see (based on colors) black and red coils. I'm leaning towards skunk2. But I could be completely wrong.

OEM strut bar

With a motor with milage like this one, I'm really looking for a good checklist for a complete tuneup. Any info will be greatly appreciated. (pics coming soon)


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:welcome:. I love 99-00 Si's! My favorite Civic to this day. Definitely post some pics :thumbup:.

Tune-up can include spark plugs, spark plug wires, air filter (clean it or buy a new one), distributor cap, distributor rotor, o2 sensor(s), fuel filter, PCV valve... I may be missing a couple items. You can also run seafoam through the car (1/3 through the brake booster line, 1/3 through the gas tank, 1/3 through the valve cover which requires changing the oil within 50 miles). Depends on how far you want to go. It certainly wouldn't be a bad idea to do everything. O2 sensors are a bit pricey, even universal 4-wire ones and a lot of people are too nervous to try Seafoam.

I would imagine a few gaskets may need to be changed as well at that point. Look around your engine bay and underneath for any leaks. Definitely change your transmission fluid. I know some people do that every year. Better more often than rarely.

You can also refer to your owners manual for service intervals and what should be done.

Well I would like to change the intake to the pw:jdm intake. I also would lie to change my current headers over to some dc sport headers. I haven't made up my mind if I wanna change the exhaust or leave the factory one. I do really enjoy listening to just the motor but once I'm reving past 3k the oem exhaust starts to rattle :???: not to sure how much longer I can out up with that. I would also like to change the intake mani. And reflash the ecu....


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Looking forawrd to pics and i woulndt go with dc headers never personally had one, but alot of the reviews ive read of them keep me away.
Welcome to the site
Thanks for the heads up regarding the DC headers. I'll be doing some research on them a little bit later. My main concern for now really is getting a tune up done. After that is when I'll really start focusing on performance upgrades....

Again pics will be coming soon. Working two jobs doesn't leave a big window for me to have a photo shoot with my new baby. Trust me as soon as Im as to get her back to the car wash I'll be posting pics up! Sorry to keep you guys waiting.... Thanks again for all the advice