New to Club Civic.

So i just found out about this forum from a good friend of mine and it seems legit, so i went ahead and signed up..well, here are few pics of my daily civic. please dont bash on it, its nothing special:(



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You have a perfect example of the only way I would rock a 96-98. SiR F/R bumpers & front lip and OEM fog lights (unless they're replica's. Either way they look good). I'm digging the hood bra too. Goes great with the SiR bumper.

Very nice!!! :like:


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Looks pretty clean man i like it
Mod list?
thanks for all the positive comments, ive been building this car for the last few years. a lot of time and sweat went into this build, even though it looks pretty much stock from the outside.


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^ this


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f**k the civic

who's skyline?

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