no start fan kicks on


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i put a new motor in to begin with its a d16a6 so i have had problems to begin with i just got the timing issue taking care of. any ways i started it a few times and it sounded like it was going to start but it died. the next time i tried to start it again and the fan kicked on but the starter doesn't engage or click. i checked my voltage at the battery 12.4 i checked the voltage to the solenoid it was fine to. i checked all of my fuses and relays they were fine. i tried to check the starter relay with a voltmeter it doesn't beep but its a 4 prong relay so i don't know if im checking it right. there's another 4 prong relay in fuse box below the dash. it doesn't do any thing either when i check it with a voltmeter. i tested the signal on the solenoid 12 volts i tried jumping the solenoid the fan comes on but again the starter doesn't turn over and no clicking. im at a loss at this point i don't feel like pulling the starter tonight and testing it because i don't have a vice and some spare wire, so im going to take it to autozone tomorrow and see what they have to say