Off brand distributor and oil leak


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Hi all,

We have a 2000 civic EX with several oil leaks we're trying to track. We tried replacing the o ring on the distributor with a OEM Honda part and it started leaking worse!

I checked maintenance records from the previous owner and a World Power systems distributor was installed (Part #17432). When I looked at the old o-ring it was about the same size as the OEM Honda part but now I'm thinking they must be different. Of course, trashed the old o ring.....

Anyone have ideas on what o-ring to use? I can't find any info on the World Power distributor - they are still available all over the web but only the whole unit.

I may just get a few different o-rings and start switching them.

Thanks for any help! I've read these forums off and on through the years....they've been a big help!