oo honda civic si ? on what i should do put up pics

recently bought my civic. It runs great has 84,000 miles on it. im in love. but i want more. i was looking around online and i see all kinds of stuff but i don't know what i should get, or the right way to go about it like chips and turbos ext. it has dc racing exhaust manifold back and cold air intake. also after market suspension kit adjustable so its lowered and stabilizer bars. as far as i can tell thats it. only really worked on military equipment so ill need help. dont know much about performance stuff

i put up picture for you to see hopefully that will help i am interested to hear back from you.
If you want more hp you could put on headers if you don't have that. Also you can change the intake manifold and throttle body
A Jackson racing supercharger will give you a easy gain in hp. But it will cost 2000$
If you get a turbo it's gonna be around 3000$ or more if you do it right.
You could also get hondata with a tune.
That's about all I can think of unless you change internals


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If you want more hp you could put on headers if you don't have that
. it has dc racing exhaust manifold back.
@bobbylansdown. If you want more power you have about 3 options. Turbo charger, supercharger, and built n/a (naturally/aspirated)

The most popular of those 3 is a turbo charger, you can put together a kit for about 2 grand if you really search, if you want to run high psi and get large horse power numbers you will have to build the engine (lower compression pistons, rods, valves, valve springs and retainers, head studs and head gasket) and while you're at it upgrade the cam.

As far as the supercharger goes it is a much less popular mod but its not unheard of, its just more work than a turbo and you'll also need to build the engine like you would for a turbo.

Going naturally aspirated is a little bit more expensive and doesn't net you as much a gain as a turbo. same build as a turbo but instead of low compression pistons you would you high compression pistons.

Of course with all of these mods you will also need to get a good tune. Search around and find a trustworthy speed shop that has good reviews when it comes to tuning.

Lastly welcome to the site, hope we can be informative and helpful. but the most important info i can give you is use the search bar and google! they are your best friend =)

edit: also pic didn't work. there is a stickied thread in the off topic section that tells how to post a pic