Parting out 98 Ek hatch.

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I have a 98 Ek hatch that am parting out. Not interested in selling the shell, it has a salvage title.

These are the parts i have.

Front fenders- red passenger and black driver = $50 for the pair
driver and passenger doors- red = $ 80 each or $150 for the pair
drive and passenger door panels - Manual windows- gray interior = $40 each or 75 for the pair
Hatch door- red = $150
side mirrors- black = $40 for the pair
stock front seats- gray = $125 for both
stock side skirts- black = $40
Rear bumper- red = $35
front bumper- primer black = $35
hood- primer black (not 100% perfect) = $30
cup holder console- gray = $25
interior door panels- light gray = $20 for the pair
glove box- gray = $10
ac dash bezel = $45
Dash parts

All prices are negotiable
Does not include shipping.

so how bout that hood ?? is it bent out of whack
Would sell the iat sensor plug? I need it for my swap so I would need the pig tails with it. Lmk.

H22 EK

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driver side door handle?
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