parts to replace

i got a 99 civic lx a while back and was wondering what parts should i replace like sensor etc .when i first got the car it had 168 xxx miles


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Well whenever I get a new vehicle I replace all fluids (oil, tranny flush, powersteering fluid, bleed the brakes, drain radiator) and then do a tune-up. Change the plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor button, etc. It probably wouldn't hurt to go ahead and maybe change the thermostat. Change all the filters (air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, etc.) Also the radiator cap. Visually inspect the timing belt, or any other components for corrosion or anything. Hope this helps! You didn't really say that you were having a specific problem or anything.

Pretty much what he said. I would inspect the brakes, too and replace what is worn, like pads and rotors, and maybe lube some stuff, if there are grease fittings on the suspension.

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