Proper EF9


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]Hey everyone im new to and i decided to post up a few pictures of my first car, im 16 years of age and will be driving it around march/april, picked it up for $2,500 nothing is wrong with it at all, besides a few dings on the paint and recently had been riving it when ranomly my brake decided to go on me,but other then that shes fine, tell me what you think about it! i also have a eg6 but that will be used for winter and i might soon decide to start putting money into that aswell.
DC 4-2-1 headers
2.5 magnaflow exhaust
DC cam gears
full Acura int interior
Acura int intake manifold
lower control arms
15 inch SIR rims
rear sway bar
power windows
forget company of springs!!
K&N Intake SR
JSP carbon fiber hood

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