pulled dizzy, some oil on back, is this OK?


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1991 civic lx 1.5 engine.
I am in the process of removing distributor and noticed a small amount of oil coating the back part of it, which is the metal part.

Is that normal?. I have never changed a distributor before so i wasn't sure what to expect.

Any tips with the install besides that? i pretty much figure to line the holes up, make sure everything is connected, and put the plug wires in the proper place.


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What back part are you referring to? Where it bolts to the head? Or where the cap seals to the assembly? When you remove the distributor from the head, there might be oil around the hole where it mated to the cam (simply from the process of removing it), but there should not be oil in the cap, or anywhere inside the distributor itself. If there was, it's negligible at this point since your changing it out, just make sure the new one has a good o-ring and gasket.


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I got it thanx. I saw oil i panicked. Apparently that is normal, and if there was no oil on the back of the Dizzy, i have a bigger problem. Thanx for the photo, and the reply., and not busting my ass!!, for asking a stupid question.

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