Quarter mile gsr time


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My best time was a 15.9 and I'm about 3k ft above sea level. I have it swapped in a 97 civic. It's odd I ran 15.9 as my best time and I missed 3rd. But what I was wondering is what other people quarter mile times are cause 15.9 seems a bit slow to me. And I got ps and ac but it wasn't turned on.


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A lot of factors that factor into 1/4 mile time.... Elevation, humidity, wheel spin, wheel hop, launch RPM, modifications (I/H/E, tune, etc.), tires, suspension, driver capability, etc. 15.9 can be good or bad depending on what factors there are.


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Thank you, that is actually kinda the answer I was looking for. I know there was a built Chevy c10 that only beat me by 10mph (can't remember his time tho) an he was loping so bad it was shaking the truck. So I don't consider my time to bad I guess. I'm about 3k-4k feet above sea level also.