Question Regarding Swapped B16 and Driveshafts


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What would cause a leak in the driveshaft seal? Even after two replacements?

Car is a 95 cx hatch with a JDM B16a1 with hydro tranny swap.
I have no clue what driveshafts are in the car, and they could be damaged. I have a set of B series driveshafts that'll fit (were in a friends car, identical setup to mine), the driveshaft just need to be rebuilt.

Would changing the seal again, and changing the shafts definately fix this? or is there something else I should be looking at.
Lastly, is there such thing as a pinion seal or inner driveshaft seal (inside the teeth)?????

Any help is really needed!

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there is a ring around the inner hub spline........ that allows the spline to stick inside the hub and not come out until you force it...... the "driveshaft seal" you refer to sounds like the cv boot (the flexible rubber thing...), and that may need replacing.

basically your situation boils down to this..... we need more info. where exactly is the leak coming from? and please use the correct terminology so we can follow..... pics are always best