r18 Block Cracked - Suggest a reliable replacement?


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Hi folks,
My daughter is the unfortunate owner of a 2006 Honda civic.
As with many others, the engine block has cracked (same place as all the others).
I was going to look for a used engine to swap it out with.
Is there a year that you recommend?

I've poked around and it's been suggested that either 2009 and up are better
2008 and up are better.

Can anyone confirm this for me?

If none of the R18's are of any value, then can someone suggest a relatively easy drop in replacement that might work?

Thanks for the help.


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Any K Series is a better engine option than the R series single cam's. Better reliability and more power to boot. To make things easiest ensure that you pull the entire engine harness and ECU from the donor vehicle. I know there was also an issue with security lockouts on those models back in the day.

However if you search the forums you will find what you are after for a complete swap.