Rear cluster nightmare


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Hey guys, a big civic fan from the UK here.

Gonna get stuck in right away-i recieved my aftermarket carbon fibere rear lights today and fitting them was very simply...well at least the inner section. I have the H/B and im sure there are other members on here who probably experienced the same problem; the 2 inner nuts are ludicrously difficult to undo! I managed to undo the outer two blue the bottom inner one but i ain't making much progress with that last one. :x

Whats the best way to get round it? Do the plastic panels in the boot unscrew and come off? the cars looking abit odd at the moment with black inner lights and the standard red and amber corner units! please help!!



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MasterShake said:
push the light back while loosening the thingys
I don't quite understand what you mean?
The main problem is that A) i can't see the part i am unscrewing, B) it is a very awkward angle!!

So can the inner panels which over the lights be removed? It seem to stretch right into the side of the inner seats! I noticed theres screws at certain points....

Should i just get them done at a bodyshop? I am taking my newly aquired twin halo lamps to one on monday to get fitted >` they look pretty sweet.

Will post a pic once the lights are all fitted-in the meantime any feedback on this issue would be much appreciated!

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