Reloctaing Headunit: 99-00


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Ok guys iv had a look around and cant find the info i need.. Bare in mind this is a UKDM 99 Civic.

I have the Honda block off plate (Single Din Plate) and i have some EK9 Cupholders on the way over, They have a bit on the back for the head unit section.

As soon as i get them im hopingo to gain all the info i need so i can get it done A.S.A.P! I need some nice simple stage on how to do this etc, now the Pioneer headunit i have has ALOT of cables in the back will this pose a problem for putting it down in front of the cup holder?

How do i actually take the pocket i have at the moment out? Do i need to take out my arm rest / gear stick / hand brake / AC,Heating Stuff out!?!?!

All info and photo's would be amazing thanks heaps guys!