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the one thing I really hate about my 1996 EX Sedan is the seats, cause for whatever reason they make the small of my back hurt (I'm 5'11.5", that might be the prob). Anyways, I've wondered about going out to local auto salvages and seeing what I can find in terms of decent seats; I'm only concerned with the front bucket seats, could care less about the rear. Anyone know if Accord seats would be preferable or any other make's seats?
Also, if you've also had this issue, what did you/could I do to fix it without swapping the seats out? Thanks in advance for any/all help!


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Gsr seats FTW!
And it's not your height your not tall at all, my brother is 6foot4 and Is fine in his hatch


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So the GSR seats will fit then? will they work with the same rails?
The GSR seats will fit but you need to swap the inner rail with the one from your stock seat. The outers are the same but the inners (console side) are different.
92-96 Prelude seats have great bolster supports but are a bit more difficult to fit. They just need both your Civic rails except for 1 hole won't line up being Civic rails are shorter than Prelude rails. Feel great though and may be easier to hunt down a solid set over the GSR set.

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Any Civic/prelude/Del sol/integra seat will bolt up just fine as long as you use the seat rails for the car they're going in to.

There's nothing special about GSR seats, they're the same as RS and LS seats. All are far better than OEM 6th generation civic seats.

Del sol seats are also comfortable. And prelude seats are notorious for putting people to sleep.

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