The midori h23v na build

Lots of changes have happened since i made this thread. this is the updates

i needed a fresh start from my VSM coupe after being unsatisfied from a 2.5 yr build, body issues and just wanting something different.
she taught me a lot, shell be used for a daily driver.

1996 Midori Green DX hatchback

-4Piston Pro CNC head
-Skunk2 Pro 1 cams
-Super tech 93lb
-Ferrea flat faced valves
-T2W4 Euro R LSD
-PLM Hood Exit
-Magnus Intake manifold
-Ktuned 80mm Throttle Body
-3.5" custom intake
-1000 cc Gram injectors
-aem fuel rail/FPR
-type s pistons
-King race bearings
-1320 balance shalf delete
-1320 manual tensioner
-KSTUNED walk blocker
-Gates Blue Belt

-ktuned race spec billet box
-ktuned baseplate
-ktuned shift stops
-1lb cnc shift knob
-Bride Kevlar gias
-330mm personal grinta blitz
-nrg hub
-S2k Cluster
-PLX wideband
-GUTTED interior
-8 pt roll cage
-X cross bar

stock midori

-Function and Form Type 2(12/8 w/ damper)
-bwr lca
-f5 racing subframe bar
-Energy bushing kit
-24mm front sway bar
-Legend dual piston calipers
-11" rotors front
-NO HARDLINES, all stailness steel braided lines.
-integra rear disk conversion
-integra gsr ebrake cables
-oem camber kit all around
-Ktuned cmc reservoir
-wilwood reverse slave cylinder

-discontinued Ray GL 57DR 15x8 +28
-225/45/15 Toyo R1r
-Volk Racing Lugnuts

457457.jpg 3.jpg 2.jpg ggnfgn.jpg
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Nice to see another fellow h/f swap, I have a turbo g22 project that I'm finishing up

I just saw it on another forum, looks really good!

That's effn sexy

How hard was it to get that into the car

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besides the "shift cables" fits in like a Bseries.
it's tight, but long as you have a wire tuck it's pretty simple

some updated pics, haven't driven it in 2 months


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Going in for my tune on 11/19/16
Hopefully make over 200 whp and 160 tq

New parts as of late....

-double din 7" touch screen
-aem 50-1000 fuel pump
-bwr traction bar
-exhaust gasket
-axles since i blew out my cv boots
-plx dm6 wideband and single gauge pod


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Sure sounds good man
what kind of quarter time slip to you estimate for this?
Looks like a 12 second car to me
super nice!


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Rebuilding all my suspension bushings.
Came across some legend dual piston calipers.
Brake tuck kit
Fuel tuck
Redoing my steering rack

All new camber arms oem

Ktuned coilovers coming

T2w4 lsd euro r transmission from hmo

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Sold my h22a4 off, wasn't worth ruining for build

Ordered up a h23 vtec pde
20170411_154354.jpg IMG_20170411_192503_365.jpg

Also bought a wire worx harness

Got rid off all the old bushings, upgraded to legend dual piston calipers, mini Cooper 11" rotor
IMG_20170315_211841_121.jpg IMG_20170310_180741_594.jpg

Full stainless steel braided break line(not single hardline left)

Sold off the Falken rt615k
Running 235 50 15 r888s
IMG_20170327_175537_589.jpg 20170329_222838.jpg

Rebuilt my rack and pinion with DC 2.98 lock to lock

hasport motor mounts

1320 balance shaft delete and manual tensioner, also king race bearings not pictured
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Damn, big workin'. Looks like your putting in some hours over there. Feels good to be a Honda crack head doesn't it? I wouldn't change it for the world. I admire your no bull**** approach to upgrades. Hope the Honda gods smile upon you.
Here's some more updates

All new oem gaskets

Supertech valve spring & retainers/keepers

Skunk2 pro 1 cams/cam gears

Some downstar goods

Motor all assembled
Also purchased
1320 tensioner/KS tune walk blocker

Intake manifold might be changed for k20 ultra. Wiring harness is still a week or so from shipping(wire worx.)

engine bay paint, ktuned coils, radiator are all that's truly left(2 months)

Fyi I have zero sponsors 100% all me

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Last few parts came in
-Ktuned race spec shifter & shift stops
-wire worx Hseries harness

Motor is currently at local tuned having pro 1 cams degreed

IMG_20170621_200707_491.jpg 20170619_153813.jpg
Tore into the engine. Sending the head out soon. Swapping pistons out with type s
Also ordered new bride kevlars 4973285A-EF13-4BF6-97BD-6BEA7956903A.jpeg

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