Throwing a code #10

EG Hatch

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So I just purchased a winter car. It runs fine but it has a CEL. So I check it and it turns out that it is throwing the IAT code. Alright, I check the wiring and such under the hood. Not even connected, plug it in; nothing. Take the sensor out and see it is melted. Hmm... looks like the previous owner swapped the EVAP with the IAT sensor. 12V on a 5V = no no. Pull the IAT sensor out and see that it is melted. Alright, so I get another one and put it in. Light is still on. I guess you can fry your ECU doing this so I get an ECU from a friend that is good. The light is still on.

Anyone else ever have this problem? Should I test out more sensors or what is going on? I've replaced the sensor, ECU, and reset the ECU to clear the light but it still comes back on. I have already done quite a bit of searching so I need someones help that has had this problem and fixed it.