Tie rod Troubles with aftermarket coilovers


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I have a 2002 civic coupe and recently did a full front suspension rebuild (control arms, inner and outer tie rods, cv axles, knuckles, and coilovers). I replaced the factory struts with some D2 Racing coilovers and I haven't been able to get the car in proper alignment since. I've been to two different shops in my area and both of them have said that there is an issue with the tie rods being too long. There is about 1.5 degrees of toe in on the front left that they were unable to get in alignment due to there not being enough threads on the tie rods. I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue with D2 coilovers or aftermarket suspension in general with their alignment, and if so, is there any solutions you have found? Maybe shorter aftermarket tie rods or tie rods from another model? I'm running out of options and really need this car to be finished up before winter. Thanks. I've attached a screenshot of the coilovers I installed as well. 31757


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Can you list the part number of the tie rods you installed. Its possible the parts store gave you the wrong part. Many of Honda's tie rods use same rod diameter but different lengths.