Water Leak inside front floor


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Hey guys any help would be greatly appreciated.
Last winter noticed when it rained water would leak in thru the passenger floor and sometimes driver floor too. Well it’s summer now. My climate control doesn’t work. (Temperature selector). My fan blows just can’t change temp inside the car. To change the temperature, I push/pull the hot air/cool air inlet in front of firewall. Now when the temp is set to cool air inside the car, it can pour and not a drop of water leaks in. While my temp is on hot/warm during colder months, it leaks.
It’s a 98 Civic LX no sunroof or AC. (The whole compressor/clutch is seized so that belt isn’t even on it)

Any ideas guys???


This happened with my car. Take the valance off (it's the plastic piece that is where your windshield wipers are. It has little vent slips in it.) It might be clogged with leaves pine needles and other stuff and not draining properly which will cause the spot to overflow and come into the cab.

I'd check that first and clean it. Check it by pouring a gallon of water on the windshield to see if that fixed it. If not and it only happens when the heater is on make sure wits water and not radiator fluid. If it smells like radiator fluid then the heater core might be bad. Good luck

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Positive it’s not radiator fluid as when it rained hard outside, you can see water coming if you pull the passenger carpet back, you can see it come in. But I’ll take off the plastic guard under the wipers and clean it out. I’m sure there’s plenty of junk under there. I’ve read in other forums that sometimes they get clogged and the water cannot drain properly so it’s forced into the cabin.

Thanks for the reply!!