What is currently the best value in a full SS exhaust?

Ten years ago it was still prohibitively expensive to consider for just a straight forward non performance SS system. As I recall then it was even difficult to find a non-performance (read.. 'quiet as stock') stainless steel system for my 2001 civic.

At a cursory look I find a few 500 and up "performance" systems but I'm concerned they are going to be louder than I'd like.

My 2001 still only has 95,000 mi on it so i'd like to put pipes on it for the last time here in Michigan salty winter.

I'm into quiet. Quiet as possible. Is there currently a good value for the dollar full SS system out there somewhere?


well you could pick up one of the cheap junk ss eBay systems. some of which are cheaper than just one sections. then just replace the fart can that comes with it. walker makes a oem style stainless muffler for your car but the pipes are regular steal I think. shopping around for a cheap ss muffler you want with slip fit ends. or a local shop that will cut the fart can off and properly weld the stainless muffler you want back on.

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