Where to buy cylinder head for 2010 CIVIC CNG engine


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I own a 2010 CIVIC NGV, 1.8 liters engine.
My cylinder head cracked and I am having a hard time finding remanufactured / refurbished cylinder heads for this vehicle.

I called several places but they did not have a cylinder head for an 8th generation Honday Civic CNG vehicle.
One place did have it but, but it did not include valves and I heard valves for CNG vehicles are a different material.

Can any one in this forum point me to a place where I can get such cylinder head with valves included for CNG?
I am in California, so the closer to California, the better.



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First question, how did you still have a Honda GX? They were lease only vehicles from Honda and those cars if I am not mistaken were all taken back and destroyed when they were no longer leased.

Good luck ever finding replacement parts because the Natural Gas lineup of Honda's was never mass released to the public. Those that did not participate in the leasing program were sold to commercial use and only about 16,000 were ever sold.