wut the hell.......


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Ok I got the new coolant temperature sensor and installed it, and then I pulled the hazard fuse to reset the ecu (or so i thought) any ways its still throwing up a code 6.???? what else could the fricking problem be? Im about ready to run it off a cliff.LOL oh and also when its cold and I start it up it will backfire a few times also. any suggestions as to why it's doing that?thanks again for any help Crystal


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backfiring on a MPFI????? never happened to any of mine.. ive had an MPFI honda accord.two of them..and the civic. none of them backfired ever! sumthin aint right in there somewhere...and also....an idle learn is where after you reset the ECU...you start the car..and dont touch the gas! dont even try to touch it...let the car warm completely up. not just till the needle moves. wait till the fans come on

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