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i thought about swappin my crap motor for a zc, and if i got a zc, do they make performace parts for the zc?? and if i got the zc i would prolly boost it, and i would prolly rebuild most of the motor, like new pistons/rods, get some stage 1 cams, turbo cams if i could get em, and just other s**t like that, stuff that would help my motor handle a turbo and run like 10psi or sum s**t, im not lookin to push 20psi or nuttin because its gonna be a daily driver but i would like to make it faster. or could i get just as much power by goin n/a?? any info on zc performance parts, such as where can i get em, or like what stuff would match up to it from a different motor. any info will be great, thanks

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Green 91 said:
whats half ass?
I think he's saying putting a ZC in an EG is a waste of money when he could easily put an Ls in his car for the same price and it would be more reliable and easier to find parts for, not to mention more powerful.

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