1992 Honda Civic engine swap


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I have a 1992 Honda Civic LX with a 1.5l engine in it I'm trying to figure out what kind of engine, can I go back with instead of the 1.5l with out make big changes not trying to spend too much money and oh yeah it a manual 5 speed


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Anything D-series (except D17), pretty much anything B-series with a bit of modification.. K-series with a lot of modifications. H / F swaps also possible.

A lot of choices here.


What are you looking to do, exactly? Also depends on how mechanically saavy you are. A bit of a power increase? Personally, I am a B-series Civic fan.


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Going to depend on budget, what "not too much money" means and what your mechanical skill level is.


Well you certainly didn't get too much help, did you? Are you still looking to do a swap, or by this time have things moved on for you?