98 Civic LX sedan project rebuild

Finished porting the oil pump, hard to tell in the picture but the opening is much larger and there is a nice roundness which should flow more oil. Also bored the opening with a 1/2 drill bit and then removed any sharpness.

In the fender well I sanded the rust as much as I could then shot it with a coat of rustoleum and another coat of spray on bedliner. BTW I tested the light and blinkers so wiring is good.

I found a complete manual y8 intake manifold for cheap so I picked that up as well. should be here soon. stay tuned..
little update, machine work done. Cylinder walls look good and had the crank polished. Was cheaper then I originally thought so I dropped of the head as well, I might actually get this thing running by the end of the year. We shall see. Painted the block with cast iron colored engine enamel. Still need to plastigauge and check ring gap before I can get the pistons in. Waiting on some new tools for the job as well.


So ran into a possible snag. might be fine, but wasn't expecting it.

Checking ring gaps.

oil - .025
2nd - .026??

honda service limit on the 2nd ring is .o28 so I guess I am still fine. but was expecting something more along the lines of .020

was bored to 75.5 with .004 ptw as per. probably going to roll with it. not sure what else to do at the moment.
So got everything squared away with the ring gaps and fast forward a bit and the bottom end is nearing completion.

Will probably install the oil pump if I get time later tonight. need to order more parts like oil pan gasket, pick up tube gasket and main crank seal then I can bolt on the oil pan. Head is still at the shop, also need ARP headstuds and researching what head gasket I should use. Still lots to do.

Also found some lunch money hidden behind the kick panel near the ecu!
Started prepping the oil pan, cleaned off rust and the old gasket. picked up a new gasket and some spray paint for it. Also ordered a weld on bung for the oil return that I will have welded on before I paint it, along with a AN10 cap to keep it closed until I get ready for boost which is probably still a year out.

Head is back and looking good. I am missing a spring seat and two keepers so now I need to order those and the install tool. Also ordered new OEM water pump and tensioner.

more soon...
Weld in bung and cap came in the mail today now I need to prep the pan and get it welded on.

Also new tension, water pump and ugly old alternator bolted on. Progress
The anticipated update!

got the bung welded to the pan, the welds are sloppy (supposed to be skilled welders) but it is on there good.

Started putting the head back together. Valves, springs and retainers in thanks to the lisle tool.

That is it for now, I will be mating the head to the block soon and getting the pan painted and installed as well. Little bit at a time.
Hey now! some more progress photos.
ARP headstuds - 208-4305
OEM headgasket - 12251-P2J-004..

together again, going to paint the cover. Just have it sitting in there to keep things covered up

Cool image

next set of parts:
Cam seal
timing belt
engine mounts

I need to decide what to do with this tranny, should I just run it for now and get a new one later or wait it out until I find an ex/si tranny?
Picked up a donor car today, 98 EX bad dent on the drivers side and blown clutch. Motor fires right up and sounds very healthy, I will be pulling many parts off of it over the winter and then scrapping the shell. Paid $400 for it. =)
Got the motor off the stand and installed the resurfaced flywheel and new clutch. I went with a Mcleod 763191, mainly because I got a good deal thru amazon but I have heard they were quality. Well see soon enough.

Now I need to get the trans off the y8, clean and bolt er up. Then I think I will put the engine back in the car and start working on all the other many bits. Goal is to fire it up spring next year maybe sooner.
y8 trans is off, ordering new seals. Just need to clean it up a bit. Goes thru the gears fine, car had 180K. We'll see how it does.

Here is a look at the donor, going to be pulling the y8 soon and storing it for future use.

looking for engine mounts now as well


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Nice job, only question how long did it take you to remove just the trans? I did a clutch in my B swapped EG once just pulling the trans and never again will i do that, i can have motor and trans swinging in an hr flat. Just an idea for next time

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An hour approximately. yeah I could have pulled the motor but just don't want to deal with it right now. I am anxious to get the y7 in and running. can't wait
Looks good man. Is it stick or automatic and does the engine had v-tec? You should get those rims, they will look nice with the contrast of the color of the car.
Thanks man, the car is a 4 door LX with a manual. Rebuilding the y7 and getting it boost ready. I picked up a donor car which is an coupe EX also manual. Keeping the y8(vtec) and doing a mini swap down the road. I got the donor after the fact and didn't plan my build thinking I would be running Vtec so I am just going to finish my y7 build for now.

Lots of new parts ordered thanks to Christmas, should be here soon. Hopefully I will get enough time to get the motor back in the car next month, well see. will update again soon.

Skunk2 Thermal intake gasket
cheap DNA header
Catch can
JB tuned block plug adapter
seals for trans
distributor O ring
Honda head cover gasket set
Throttle body gasket
Motor mounts
Got the motor back in the car today. Still lots to do but I feel the "hard" part is done. Well see. I degreased the trans before putting back on but didn't feel like painting it. Cleaned and spray painted the inner fender as well as cleaned the clutch slave and brake booster. Still need to clean up the valve cover, I need to put a list together.

Below you can see the skunk2 intake gasket and sorta make out the JB tuned block adapter.

Even found a little time to finish pulling the y8 from the donor today. just need a few more parts off the donor then I will have someone come pick it up. has a half a tank of gas, I needs that!
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Some progress last night. Sorting the wiring harness, clutch line, header, distributor. I also pulled the y8 manifold, need to clean that up and put it on next then fuel rail with y7 stock injectors for now. This car will have turbo eventually but I want to get it on the road and break in the motor to make sure it is healthy for boost. I am ready to make the car look better so this year after I get it on the road I want to work on the suspension, new wheels, brake upgrades.

tried to leave as much of the manifold put together so it won't be as confusing when I put it on the y7

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