Alternator problems, again.


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About year and a half ago, I started having problems with alternator, had pulsating lights, rapidly pulsing, slowly got worse. So I replaced my alternator, with one that suppose to be rebuilt with oem parts etc.. but its 1 year and 6 months, and now im having new symptoms, my interior lights will go dimmer, then if I get over 3,500 rpm, that go back to normal, and will stay that way for 5-10 minutes, then go back to being dimmer. If I turn on the rear defrost, they'll brighten back to normal as well.

I'm assuming its the alternator again, but I don't see why im going thru another one this quick.. voltage regulator? cheap alternator I guess.. I have a system, but its really small, 150 watt amp. an i've had the same system in other civics and never had an issue. I also read about the ELD but its built into the fuse box in 99 civics.. so can't really look at that.


I had a Civic once.
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Technically you can replace the ELD (I've done it), but it's not easy. Honda says they only come with the fuse box, which is true, but they can be removed. Very rare will that go bad, though.

Make sure the alt belt isn't slipping, and check all your grounds. Make sure the big 3 have good contact to bare metal.