Asymmetrical tailights


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I have an EG hatch and my tailights don't light up the same. The left one doesn't light up like the right one.

The left one lights up like tihs:

The one on the right, like this:

The left one looks USDM, because it lights up all the way to the side, to make a "side light", I think that's how it's called.
The right one is most probably EDM, because, well, the car is european. And it doesn't light all the way to the side.
But that's not the only difference. On the "inner" side, the left one does light up, and the right one doesn't.

I'd like to know how to make them light up the same, without having to buy a new tailight.
I've read this topic in another board, that explains how to convert UKDM/EDM into USDM:
Is that it? Did the previous owner do it to the left light, but not to the right? And I can fix that by doing what the guy (in the other board) did?
I googled it already, I saw images and all that, but it's confusing, because some civics were UK, others were US, others were modified... So I decided to ask, to be sure.

So if you can help me, please do. This is no big deal, I just don't like the asymmetrical look


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I'm thinking that at some point, the left tail light was replaced with whatever the cheapest option was. Is it an OEM honda tail light, or does it just look similar?

They're not too expensive, so rather than going through all that work it may just be a better idea to replace it.


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Hum, thanks for the input. Yea, I'll probably just get a used tailight, they're cheap on OLX (portuguese craigslist). Or ask my mechanic for one, he has lots of Honda parts hangin around.

Converting the tailight would be a bad ideia, as I usually ruin things when I mess with them. I'd probably end up having to buy two tailights..