help, check engine!


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my check engine light is on, its been on for about 2 months now and everytime it is scanned it says cylinder mnisss fire on 2 and another catalyst effiecency???
i got new plugs and wires not cause that i got NGK
so i know its not that my mind is headed for the fuel injectors
cause the check engine light well flash when ever i stop for like
20 seconds, it will go off and come back on the most it done in one
day was 8 times, and at idle it boggs like no other and somtimnes
has trouble starting to i think cause bad injectors make sense let me
know please and thanks.


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First off calm down before you go typing lol i can barely read it. instead of jumping into fuel management lets stick with something cheaper and more simple to check. Do you know how to do a spark test?


-everytime it is scanned it says cylinder mnisss fire on 2

-catalyst effiecency???
-at idle it boggs like no other and somtimnes
-has trouble starting to
Unfortunately I can't help you with the misfire.

However, your other 3 symptoms are exactly what I had when I first got my car. Wanna know what it was?

Clogged, nasty, grody catalytic converter. First, check to see that your catalytic converter isn't clogged or disintegrating. That could definitely cause idle bogging, trouble starting, and the catalyst efficiency code.

If it's fine, replace your o2 sensors. Then clear the computer with a scantool.


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Don't drive with the CEL flashing, a flashing CEL pretty much means to stop driving immediately or else (very) bad things could happen. My thought is will the cat or o2 sensors... if you ran lean because of a bad o2 sensor reading, that could cause a misfire.