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I've been working on a 1997 sedan with a 5 speed. Put a couple of months into rebuilding it. A couple of weeks ago one of the castle nuts on the lower passenger side ball joint disappeared. Put a new castle nut on it to drove it home to repair it. In addition I put new CV shafts on it. Now I can put it in gear let off the clutch and it does not go anywhere. When I give it gas, the speedometer rises. Please help!

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Sounds like the axle shaft isn't all the way. If you put the car into gear are you still able to push the car / roll it? If so, axle(s) aren't in all the way.

Also make sure the replacement axle spindle is the same diameter of the ones you've replaced.


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Thank you! I used a dead blow hammer, lined it up, and it popped into place, no sweat.