Hi everyone

Helloooo i am new to these forums and have recently bought a 95 civic 1.5 vtec eco things... anyway it has had a fair amount of money spent on it but there are a few things i would like to do and just wondering if there are any good ideas?

the car is on coilovers and for some reason whenever i go a tad to quick round a rounderbout the car feels the need to let the back end out lol anything i could do apart from weight the back of it with bricks :L

also at the moment it revs up to 7k which from what i understand is standard but i have heard they can go much higher ? =)

cheers guys


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:welcome: and stock rods won't take spinning it much past that for long. Try putting a rear strut tower bar in before you go adding weight. Stiffen up the back end and help it stay planted. How fast're you going? lol


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Rev'ing a motor past it's factory redline without building it is a pretty fast way to blow your engine.

Strut bars are the last thing you should do. They hardly do anything alone. Add a rear sway bar. Anything bigger than 19mm and you should get a subframe reinforcement brace. Do you know what the spring rates are on the coilovers?


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Thats what i meant by suspension i wasnt saying just get the tie bar if your looking to really improve your suspension its gonna take some work and money man.


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So your VX likes to get sideways too, Thought it was just mine. I like all the lift off over steer though lol. But yeah a sway bar would tighten up the rear alot. And Welcome. =)