How To: DIY black out headlights


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Wet sanding is using wet-sandpaper with water The water cleans the wetpaper so its easier to use very fine grades as 800 and 1200.
( do not wet sand with dry type sandpaper, lol)
looks good i woulda just broke out the amber though ive seen people clear em out.
How would you go about clearing out the turn signal??? I want to black out the housing and clear out the turn signals...
I've looked all over Google and the forums...

Anyone have a picture of a Black EP3 that has done this? Wondering if it actually looks good since my car is um... black already lol. I've seen white and the lights blacked out, and it looks damn nice. Just wondering if it would be the same since my car is already pitch black


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Very nice man! Great work. I want to do this, but a little worried about the seal of the headlights when putting it back together. I'm afraid it will moisten up inside the housing. >.< Any problems with yours?

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