How To: Remove Key Tumbler


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Here's a little how-to I made on how to remove a key tumbler from your ignition. This should be helpful to anyone who's had a car stolen, or broken a key off in the ignition :???:

Here's how your ignition would sit if it was in your car:


Step 1: Remove the TORX T-30 bolt from the bottom of the ignition.

Step 2: Turn the key to the first line (Accessory) and pull away from the ignition.

Step 3: Press the small black dot on the top with a pick or mini screwdriver.

Step 4: PULL

And there you have it. :thumbs up


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05 civic lx???

by chance do you know where the release pin for the tumbler lock would be on the 05 civic???
i uncovered my colum but i cant find the tumbler release.:(


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i cant find mine on the 05 either, so if you take out the key lock from the tumbler and get another lock and key dont you have to get that flashed by honda to make it work?


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