New Reputation System - New Changes

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Reputation System

As you all have noticed, a reputation system was implemented a few days ago. This has been introduced as a way of giving rep to those who help you answering questions, and to give negative rep to those who are a general jerk, or simply answer with "Search the forums."

If you haven't noticed, there's now a new image on users post that looks like the following:

If you click on it, it will bring up a new window that looks like this:

You can either, approve (Like it) or disapprove (dislike) the post. Doing either will effect the persons reputation, either positively or negatively. Your reputation power also plays into the equation, the more rep you have, the more your rep effects the person.

New Changes

After the introduction of the reputation system, people were abusing it, giving positive rep to those who didn't deserve it, and giving negative rep to people who didn't deserve it either. People were also getting positive rep for being all around jerks, because of this, some new changes were made. From now on, rep can no longer be given in any other section except Honda Civic Technical. This was done to promote proper use of the rep system.

Please remember to give rep to those who deserve it, and to take away (disapprove) rep as well.

Reputation Points Will Be Reset

All reputation points will be reset back to 10 soon.

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ohhh so that's what that little box is for. Neat. =)